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Tribal Housing & Development

We've been building for Tribal Housing and Development since 2010. We'll make sure each tribe's members get the best deal and the best quality contracting. We take great pride in promoting the Native communities economically by hiring skilled members of each community on their own projects. Rest assured that we always meet our deadlines. We'll provide you with progress reports along the way, and we have an open policy in terms of receipts and stock. Working with the Tribe Housing Authority isn't always the simplest task, but we make it easy. Due to our experience, we're able move the process along at a faster rate, which means that your projects are completed sooner rather than later. 


We have years of experience working with Native Communities on their Tribal housing projects. Our team has created a system that organizes and simplifies the construction process to help each Tribal Authority identify our part in the project through transparency, which promotes accurate deadlines through understanding. 

We've recently worked with:

  • Red Cliff Indian Reservation in Bayfield, WI

  • Bad River Indian Reservation in Odanah, WI

  • Eastern Shoshone Reservation in Fort Washakie, WY

  • Karuk Tribe Reservation in Happy Camp, CA

We work throughout the entire Continental United States and provide Tribal Housing and Development and Residential Services including, but not limited to, custom home buildingconcrete work, renovations, and roofing services. 

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Black Wolf Construction specializes in a complete lineup of building and construction services. As you can see from some of the recent projects we've completed, our work is second to none.

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