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Red Cliff Rehab I & II

Bayfield, Wisconsin

Spread across three sites, these 40 single family homes got a complete makeover including new siding, windows, doors, new roofing, driveways, complete gut and remodel of all interior finishes, fixtures, cabinets and counter tops. All homes received new driveways with some receiving new standalone garages.

Following up on Red Cliff Rehab I, which was completed in 2015, Red Cliff Rehab II completely remodeled not only an additional 38 units using LIHTC funds, but also rehabbed the Housing Authority’s 4,250 sf office building, the 4,320 sf community center (including a commercial grade kitchen) and the exterior of the adjacent Elder’s Center. Completed in late 2018, the project will serve Tribal members for years to come.

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